· Core system
Adopt unique consensus algorithm and adopt its business model and economic model to provide institutional guarantee for a long-term development of the community.
Many kinds of block chain games,that is to say, not only increase amusement, but guarantee profitability.
· Blockchain
IC-1101 with its own mining pool,own flow, and deflation mechanism and destruction mechanism , and increase 15% computing power for new coins with holding IC.
· Trading mechanism

Project Overview

We make products Tokenizing with the help of blockchain technology,and we prefer to define IC-1101 as a digital asset trading ecosystem.

IC-1101 will continuously select the world’s high-quality blockchain digital assets, and bring diverse trading options for users around the world.
Therefore, more high-quality digital assets will be presented on IC-1101,and better build a value exchange system which is beneficial to assets free flow and realize effective supervision for users

IC-1101has created a groundbreaking behavioral mining mechanism, breaking the barriers of the blockchain with extremely high threshold. This ecological design and rich ways of participation make everyone be a miner and mine anytime and anywhere they want.

Income guarantee
The self-developed matching system can process millions of transactions per second. It pays attention to improving users experience, as well upgrading the platform’s technology, improving ecosystem and relying on value, using scientific and efficient management operating means to accumulate distributed ecological resources and energy, then export the energy to the whole industry, finally the empowered applications will feed back the entire ecology, and form a development trend of cyclical empowerment and continuous growth.

Build the most secure、stable、efficient digital asset trading system for global users

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Mailbox :ic-1101@outlook.com