Design Principles
IC-1101 system adopts advanced distributed cluster architecture and microservice development ways, safe use of three-layer protection system Web front WAF, database firewall, storage data encryption of whole process to ensure the security, asset abnormal alarm and intelligent ban,and offers emergency response and risk assessment.

Adopt the thought of high cohesion and low coupling,separates User Interface layer(or name it Presentation layer)、Business Logic Layer,(or name Domain layer)and Data access layer.

The application is built on the distributed operating environment, each database distribution node is highly autonomous, with a local data management system so users cannot perceive which site the data on and which site the things executed on.

On the layer of security of system, it adopts three-layer protection on trade, using Web in front of WAF, database firewall, storage data encrypted process to ensure the security of system.

Hierarchical structure
Distributed Systems
Three-layer protection system

Basic functions
Build the most secure、stable、efficient digital asset trading system for global users
IC-1101has a global digital asset trading ecosystem based on decentralization, and offers digital asset trade for global users.

The self-developed matching system can process millions of transactions per second. It pays attention to improving users experience, as well upgrading the platform’s technology, improving ecosystem and relying on value, using scientific and efficient management operating means to accumulate distributed ecological resources and energy, then export the energy to the whole industry, finally the empowered applications will feed back the entire ecology, and form a development trend of cyclical empowerment and continuous growth.

Digital asset trade

Cloud service ecological platform

Blockchain games

Derivatives trading

Asset custody

Encrypted communication

Unique consensus algorithm

Diversified ecological applications
Decentralize the bottom layer
C-1101has been upgraded a decentralized trading platform
Compared to centralized trading platforms, it has the advantages of low transaction costs, strong security, and elimination of potential internal risks of centralized trading, providing a revolutionary new solution to the industry's pain points.
Automatic implementation of smart contracts

Information is open and transparent

User absolute control

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