Issuing mechanism

The total number of IC coins issued is 1 billion, with 10 million mother coins issued in the first
phase, 10% of the existing base in the first year, and half in each subsequent phase.
First Release Phase
12 months 10% monthly growth

Second Release Phase
12 months 5% monthly growth

Third Release Phase
24 months 2.5% monthly growth
Fourth Release Phase
36 months 1.25% monthly growth
Fifth Release Phase
36 months 0.625% monthly growth

Release Planning
Release Data
Release Data According to the rules, the first issue phase monthly growth of 10% of the original base, we can derive the formula for each month's issue: assume M is the month,N is the monthly issue, then M = 1234.....N = 10 × 1.1(M-1) N1=100 x 1.1(1-1)=110W N2=110 x 1.1(2-1)=121W Na=121x 1.1(e-1)=133.1W ............
Just follow the analogy of the data given in the table is known that 40%of the daily pool production is used forcoin holding mining,50% for sharing mining and 10% forecological mining, and the issuance formula is: 10oW : 30~33,333.33 ICs Then the number of IC-1101 mining pools on that day is. Coin holding power: 33333.33 x 40% sharing power: 33333.33 x 50% Eco-arithmetic power: 33333.33 x 10%
Currency holding income

The calculation of coin-holding arithmetic is based on a jump-ranking reverse-order weightingalgorithm, and users with a certain amount of IC can participate.40% of the total daily output isused for users to calculate coin-holding arithmetic.
Ranking Formula As an example of daily earnings in the first month,suppose thereare 12 players,each with a different number of ICs in hand forranking.
1、When the mass coin-holding users are catching up with the best coin-holding, the best coin-holding will again become the mass coin-holding area, continuously raising the position of the wholenetwork and boosting the price.2.The worst holding area users (large investors) will also split their positions for yield, reducing thepressure of selling.
Share revenue
The principle of calculating the promotion power: the large area is squared threetimes, the amount of coins in the community is less than or equal to 10,000, and thepart that exceeds 10,000 is not enlarged.

Activate the mining pool
Users purchase ICs on the platform and activate the formationof promotional link relationships.50% of the total daily outputis used for the calculation of the player's share counting credit.
A's shared earnings Calculate the sharing arithmetic of Afirst according to the formulaA's promotion arithmetic
1、Maximum area 1 million open cubic root
2、100,000 divided out 10,000*10+90000150,000 divided into 10,000* 10 + 5000
3、8000 and 6000 not more than 10,000,direct*10
C's shared earnings Calculate the sharing arithmetic of Cfirst according to the formula C's promotion arithmetic.
C pushed 10 people, eachholding 10,000 pieces,according to the formula,amaximum area open threetimes,take a 10, 000 toopen the cube root, theremaining nine 10, 000 directly multiplied by 10 to calculate the arithmetic power.
Calculated according to the formula (omitted because the total arithmetic power of the whole network is the same)
C's return is more than twice that of A Tips: more pushes and balanced computing power to gain more
Design Purpose
In order to avoid laying down earnings keep the whole network power
Ci =                      + 10000 x 10 x 9 = 900022
· 15% of computing power is weighed for the mining of other new coins on the platform

· IC-1101 implements a free currency voting system to elect the world’s best blockchain projects for users.

Weighted return
IC-1101 ecology will develop a variety of blockchain games That is to increase the entertainment and ensure the  profitability Make the IC stock naturally defaate
Blockchain gamc ecological rules

The output of eco-mining is distributed to users who trade,participate in games and forward platform messages every day:trading and game flow is the main basis for distribution,andparticipation in operational activities such as forwarding platformmessages is the secondary basis. Detailed rules will be releasedafter the product is launched
Consensus algorithm for ecological rules

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