· Core system
Adopt unique consensus algorithm and adopt its business model and economic model to provide institutional guarantee for a long-term development of the community.
Many kinds of block chain games,that is to say, not only increase amusement, but guarantee profitability.
· Blockchain
IC-1101 with its own mining pool,own flow, and deflation mechanism and destruction mechanism , and increase 15% computing power for new coins with holding IC.
· Trading mechanism
Income guarantee

Holding 40% coins can mine
Holding 50% can share with mine
Holding 10% on ecological mining
· Distributed system
· Cross-chain transaction
· Share liquidity
· Relayer
· Extremely low handling fee
· Data on the chain
· Trade without trust
The use of digital currency swap technology can be used to exchange assets with accounts holding different chains without trust
By broadcasting orders to one or more trading platforms, the relay order book technology based on open source decentralized trading protocol can provide users with more favorable transaction price and greater liquidity
Create an effective alternative method to represent the assets on the general ledger chain with the token and issued assets on the external chain, so as to relieve the pressure on the main chain, and do not need to wait a lot of time for block confirmation
In the digital currency swap market, the market mechanism of supply and demand adjustment determines the withdrawal cost. Speed up access at the same time, pay very low fees
All data will be linked, including user comments, forwarded platform messages, chat records between user communities, user transaction records, etc
The distributed network construction can not only eliminate the single point of failure under the centralized system and ensure uninterrupted operation, but also completely eliminate the risk of counterparties because each transaction is automatically settled

Based on the independent research and development of the underlying blockchain network, and learn from the previous mature public chain system, to ensure the highest level of security.

The self-developed underlying blockchain network ensures that users can enjoy the top-level transaction speed experience and maintain the TPS with the highest transaction speed.

User information and transaction information will be encrypted by cryptography technology to protect the privacy of user information

Put the trading information on the chain, remove the behaviors that may appear in the operation of the centralized trading platform, such as falsely increasing the IOU, misappropriating the user's margin to make gambling with the market, reduce the use risk of the trading platform, and increase the transparency of the trading platform.

Provide a variety of flexible trading methods for users to choose. Each link needs to consume gas expenses, and the transaction cost is high. Users with small amount of funds or no security requirements can choose part of the transaction process information on the chain. They only need to put the liquidation information of the transaction on the chain, and the transaction matching, trusteeship and other processes are carried out under the chain, resulting in lower transaction cost.

High security
Trading speed
High privacy

High transparency
Low transaction costs

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