In an era of blockchain crowded, Ethereum, ADA, ZCash, Dash and other digital currencies have developed together,the consensus mechanism of blockchain has been mature gradually.Digital currency and blockchain technology have entere

As far as Bitcoin is concerned, dozens of countries around the world admit that it has status of currency or similar use like that so it can be traded and circulated.China, the United States, Russia, Japan, the United Kingdom, Singapore and France all actively participate in application of blochchain technology and supervision of digital currency trade from those governments.

Blockchain has successful cases of POC in more than a dozen of fields around the world, such as bills, securities, supply chains,deposit certificates, traceability and intelletual property rights, and some of them have entered into practical stage.Many karge domestic and international financial institutions, banks and traditioal enterprises have also established their own blockchain programs and industry applications are on the rise.

Technology perspective
Industry Perspective
Government Perspective
There are thousands of kinds of digital currencies, and the market scale can up to one trillion dollars when it achieve the highest. Blockchain-related web pages or academic articles have reached 120 million. Blockchain technology is no longer a technology depends on Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other digital currencies, just as an independent and open technology accepted in the field of academic research.

Society's perspective

In the future,
There will be more than 50 million users and tens of thousands of business partners on IC, and protect together the ecological development of IC-110

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